Microbiz Network India was founded in the year 2013 in Maharashtra, with fair beginning in the small office with 5 desks, Founder Mrs. Shahnaz Shaikh, Msc Microbiology & CoFounder, Khalil Shaikh, BE Computer Eng/Ind. Electronics had a vision for “Replacing Chemicals with Electronics & Biology and phasing out highly hazardous pesticides with agro ecology”. Since its founding, that vision has played a crucial role in the approach towards agriculture pest management and farming industry.

The seeds of this business and technology were sown long back in the year 2000, when Founder Shahnaz Shaikh left the job as Jr. Scientist (Microbiology), later from the year 2001 the duo founding members started studying insect behaviors followed by this, they started working on design of electronic pest control traps in the year 2005, followed by this the actual field trials started in the year 2006 and finally these products launched commercially in the year 2013, after setting up MNI as their flagship company.

Over the past few years, MNI has developed a full line of products that replace the highly toxic chemicals with electronics and biology from agro ecology for the management of the pests of commercially grown crops with economic importance.MNI has brought these inventions and ground-breaking technology/products through a visionary and intentional plan of growth and innovation.

MNI Today

• 3 patents pending

• Team of 5 members

• Upcoming independent research center

Our success is a result of a consistent, deliberate focus on:

• Serving our customers. We partner with our customers to develop exactly what they need. We anticipate and explore every opportunity that may better support our customers, and we guarantee the quality of our products – always.

• Adhering to our values. Every day, our work is guided by what’s most important to us – honesty, transparency and fair dealing.