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  • AS9001SLT: Solar LED light Trap
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Area of coverage: 0.75 Acre – to 1.00 Acre

Insect extermination mode: Drowning in kerosene mixed water

Daily working time: 3 Hours 30 Minutes after sun set, 365 days/year

Product Life Time: 3 years*

Yearly maintenance cost: Zero! There is no yearly maintenance cost

Consumables required for trap: 1.5 Litter water + 15 ml Kerosene is required as consumables for this trap to drown and kill the insects.

Consumables replacement frequency: Once in week.

Application: IPM, Organic, Natural, Commercial and Sustainable farms should use/deploy these traps; This model of trap is suitable for all type of crops Including grains, millets, legumes, oil seeds, vegetables, horticulture, floriculture, plantation crops, medicinal plantation, spice plantation and aroma plants.

Advice: Deploy this trap in crops carries low commercial importance.

    • Agriculture:Grains/Pulses/Oil seeds Farming, Vegetable Crops, etc.

    • Plantation Crop:Viz. Sugarcane, Banana, Cotton, Tea, Coffee, Coconut/Date/Oil Palm, etc.

    • Horticulture: Grains/Pulses/Oil seeds Farming, Vegetable Crops, etc.

          ○ Fruits Orchards: Viz. Pomegranate, Citrus, Grapes, Berries, Guava, Papaya, Custard Apple, etc.

          ○ Vegetables: Leafy, Tuber & Root, fruit vegetables, etc.

Floriculture: All type flower farming in Open farms and Green Houses

Aquaculture, Animal Stables

Safety of beneficial Insects (Predatory insects, Parasitoid and Honey Bees): 99.9% safe for honey bees; small percentage of beneficial insects may get caught and drowned.

The Control on Sucking Pest: No! This trap doesn’t control the sucking pest

Type Insect controlled by this this trap: Only nocturnal insects gets attracted in this trap, Harmful insects of following orders gets attracted and exterminated:

    • Hemiptera (True Bugs, cicadas, planthoppers, leafhoppers and shield bugs)

    • Coleoptera (Beetles)

    • Lepidoptera (Moths)

    • Isoptera (Termites)

Wide range of harmful insects approximately 380types; those become active after sun set; are controlled by this trap.

Key Source of Insect attraction: LED light.

The recommendations, on the use of chemical pesticides along with trap: Chemical pesticides should be used only as last resort, when infestation increases above economic threshold level (ETL).

% of reduction in pesticides application: Approximately 50%

Optional Accessories:

    • Fixed height Stand 3 Feet

    • Fixed height Stand 6 Feet

    • Adjustable Height Stand 8 Feet

Standard Warranty period against manufacturing defects: No Warranty! There is no warranty against manufacturing defects

Benefits & Features:

• Lures & Kills wide range of insects /pests only.

• Environment friendly: Its natural insect killer doesn't make use of chemical pesticides/insecticides.

• Energy Conservation: Operates on inexhaustible green/clean solar energy.

• Saves Expense on Manpower: Its completely automatic system doesn't require human interaction on daily basis to operate this machine. This leads to huge saving on manpower required to spraying/ fumigation of insecticides/pesticides required in conventional pest management techniques.

• Increased harvest and production: saves from loss of harvest/crop, due to pests’ infestation and associated damage.

• Reduce expense on Chemical Pesticides.

• Very minimal operating cost.

• Improved farm ecology: minimize the use of chemicals.

• Healthy and natural farm produce: minimal contamination of farm produce due to less use of toxic pesticides

• Easy to installation/relocation, no need of wiring, excavation and construction

• Investment recovery Period: Generally investment recovery period is less than one crop period, when compared with expenses on chemical pesticides management in similar kind of crop.