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Science and Technology

Our world-class R&D team, partners closely with our customers to improve the non toxic pest management technology to ensure their business growth and meet the current as well as future needs, by helping them to keep the pesticides residues well below permissible limits.

Technology Meets Quality

Our all products are designed and manufactured by our skilled and well trained in-house team with great care and attention to quality and craftsmanship. Our research and design process takes into account raw materials, carbon footprint, and how manufacturing influences product function, reliability and longevity.

Customer Partnerships that Exceed Expectations

When we partner with customers, we aim to meet – and surpass – expectations for even the most visionary product concepts. Our extensive history of trusted partnerships and high success rates are a result of creative, outside-the-box thinking that creates products passing the most stringent performance, reliability, and environmental related tests.

At the Forefront of an Evolving Farming Industry

Increase in the use of chemical pesticides made drastic changes in the soil health, this leads to 76% drop in the nutritional value and traces of minerals, as per the government of USA. These chemical pesticides not only deplete the nutritional value of our food, but they also contaminate it, badly affect the health of humans and specially Children’s. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 3 million cases of pesticide poisoning each year and up to 220,000 deaths, primarily in developing countries.We need to make our food, our air, our water, and our soil free from toxic chemicals.We realized that the real solution to our pest and weed problems to save the commercially grown crops, lies in non-toxic and cultural methods of agriculture with agro ecology, not in pulling the pesticide trigger.

Looking at ill impact of pesticides on our food and environment, it is essential for farmers and plant protection professionals to partner with a supplier that understands the changes occurring within the industry. MNI is at the forefront of current non toxic pest management technology movements by actively participating in industry standards development groups. This ensures that we are not only aware of the changes, but are an active participant in creating the standards driving these changes.

For over 10 years, Microbiz Network India and it founders has been the industry leader in product development for physical pest management.Our groundbreaking technologies and products continue to improve the agricultural pest management performance while supporting major industry movements:


MNI is the first to introduce the complete non toxic, physical pest management solution, based on the insect communication system.