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Social Responsibility

From sustainable manufacturing and packaging, to supply chain synergies and plant operations, Microbiz Network India is staunch in its commitment to being a profound social citizen and responsible guardian of the environment. MNI holds itself to stringent requirements to create a better world for tomorrow, and to deliver customers products they can feel good about using it.

Solution for sustainable farming

Solution developed by MNI only makes use of green and clean solar and wind power generators to the power the pest management devices developed by themselves. MNI has designed the pest management solution to consciously eliminate pests of crops having commercial and economic importance to cultivators and humans.Pest management solution, developed by MNI ensures the safety of pollinators specially honey bees, predators include insects and birds,etc. In fact it helps them to grow healthy by creating safe and natural habitat for them, by reducing toxic chemicals in their essential resources viz. Food, Air, Water etc. Pest management solution invented and delivered by of MNI show positive impact on the global food crisis and hunger threat, by effectively managing the pest infestation that helps to achieve increase in the yield at least by 30% to minimize the food scarcity

Efficient Supply Chain

MNI fully owns and operates all of its manufacturing facilities, where it manufactures its products with meticulous care. This means MNI has full control over every step of the process and is able to ship an entire solution to customers—versus sending several different shipments from various locations and vendors. This efficiency saves on both packaging and transportation costs and reduces the carbon footprint needed for MNI’s supply chain.

Green Plant Operations

MNI is moving ahead to start using renewable energy for their manufacturing operations to reduce the carbon foot print to stay ahead of the curve on new standards, and to be a socially responsible citizen in our world.

Supplier Diversity

MNI is dedicated to providing opportunities to qualified suppliers for all aspects of our business including procurement of goods and services. We benefit from diversity in our workforce, customers and suppliers. Our policy holds that small businesses owned and controlled by ethnic minorities, women, veterans and service-disabled veterans, the disabled, and all small businesses located world-wide shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to do business with MNI.

MNI understands the importance of—and is deeply committed to—diversity and developing the broad interests of the supplier community by focusing on our relationships with minority-owned businesses. We continue to identify and encourage diversity opportunities to strengthen the growth of our supply chain and provide competitive advantages for all of our current and potential suppliers. MNI welcomes those who wish to establish a supply relationship with MNI and encourage all to contact us to explore potential business opportunities.